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4 seasons comforter wool, the advantages

One of the biggest advantages of a 4-year comforter
is its versatility. This type of comforter consists of two parts; a thin and light comforter
for summer and a thicker comforter for spring and fall. When these parts
are attached together, in no time they form a warm and comfortable
comforter for winter. This means you will have a wonderful sleeping temperature all year round
regardless of the weather conditions. This is how you wake up rested!

Wool is the ideal material to sleep under. Because it is
a natural material, it has many positive properties.

  • Wool insulates, because of this, a 4-season wool comforter keeps you warm on cold days, but cool on hot days.
  • Wool breathes, it can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture and gradually dissipates it to the environment. This prevents a clammy feeling when you sleep under a wool comforter 4 seasons.
  • Wool is durable, our 4 season wool comforter has a lifespan of more than 10 years with normal use.
  • Wool is fire retardant, because wool has a high ignition temperature and contains a lot of moisture, a wool comforter is less likely to catch fire.
  • Wool is self-cleaning. Because there is still a bit of lanolin in the wool, you don't need to wash your wool four-season comforter, just air it daily and hang it outside occasionally.

4 seasons comforter
wool: wide range at Texelana

If you choose a wool 4 season comforter, then you have come to the right place at Texelana. We have various sizes available. Whether you are looking for a single, double or twin, you will always find a size that suits you. We also have extra long comforters of 220 cm. in our wide range. Always check first which
size comforter fits your bed first. A comforter is always wider than your mattress size.

Wool 4 season comforter:
100% durability and quality

Since Texelana has no production capacity on Texel, all our comforters are made elsewhere in the Netherlands. A wool comforter lasts a long time and is made of natural
materials. A sustainable choice!

Wool comforter 4 seasons maintained

A wool comforter is easy to maintain; regular airing is enough to keep your 4-season wool comforter fresh. Wool
naturally repels dirt and bacteria thanks to its natural protective layer (lanolin).

Buy 4 season wool comforter? At Texelana you will find the largest collection

A 4 season wool comforter you buy at Texelana, we have years of experience in selling wool comforters. We have an extensive
extensive collection of 4 season comforters; these differ in terms of ticking and filling. The Texelana Exquisiet wool 4 seasons comforter has a ticking of cotton satin and in the summer section a filling of 30% wool and 70% wild silk. The Texelana Excellent wool 4-season comforter has a percale cotton ticking and a filling of 100% wool. The Texelana Standaard wool comforter 4 seasons has a cotton ticking and a filling of 100% wool. The Waddenparel comforter has a cotton ticking and a filling of 100% wool, but it is slightly less heavily filled than the other comforters. All our comforters are available in single comforter, comforter 200x200, lits-jumeaux and other sizes.