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Wool hats and wool headband are always usefull

Wool hats and wool headbands are not only fashionable, but they also provide excellent protection from the inclement weather conditions. Whether you plan to engage in outdoor activities activities, hiking in the woods or just because it is cold, a wool hat or wool headband is always a wise choice. The natural insulating properties of wool keep your head and ears wonderfully warm, even on the coldest days.

Wool cap men or wool cap ladies

Texelana has a wide range of wool cap men and wool cap ladies. Many of our wool caps are suitable for ladies and men. Choose your favorite color and match it with your (winter) coat. The assortment of woolly hats of Texelana is large, the woolly hat ladies and wool cap men are available in different patterns, colors and types of wool. So you can choose a thin fine merino wool cap and woolly headband for ladies, or just a thick knitted wool hat or wool headband. Our knit hats are classic and timeless, while our merino wool hats
have a luxurious look. Whether you are looking for a wool cap for men or a wool cap for women, at Texelana you will always find the perfect match.

Wool caps: 100% durable and quality

The wool hats, wool headband and merino wool hat that Texelana sells are made of high quality. This is due to the natural properties of the wool. Some of these properties are;

  • Natural. Wool comes directly from the sheep and has been considered a very effective protection against heat and cold for centuries. To date, no other fiber has the same effect.
  • Insulating and temperature regulating. Both on cold and hot days, the ideal temperature is created by the temperature regulating effect.
  • Moist absorbent. Wool can absorb moisture and gradually dissipates it. As a result, it does not feel clammy. Ideal for perspiration, for example during winter sports.
  • Elastic. Wool is naturally resilient so it molds to your body and movement. Then the fabric returns to its original shape.
  • Not static. Moisture is naturally absorbed from the air. This minimizes the chance of a static reaction. Very convenient with a merino wool hat.
  • Water and dirt repellent. Wool naturally contains a layer of fat (lanolin). This repels moisture and dirt so washing is not often necessary.

Buy woolen hat or woolen headband? At Texelana you will find the largest collection!

Are you convinced of the benefits of wool hats and headbands and would like to buy a wool hat or a wool headband buy? Then you have come to the right place at Texelana. We offer the largest collection of wool cap men and wool cap ladies and wool headband ladies. With our wide selection and high quality you are sure to find the perfect wool cap that fits your style and needs.
hat that suits your style and needs. Visit our webshop today and enjoy the comfort and warmth of our beautiful wool hats and headbands!