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Wool mittens for children

When you are out and about with your child or baby, you obviously don't want him or her to get cold hands, because that usually means a right turn back home. That doesn't make anyone happy! With children's wool gloves and mittens keep little hands comfortably warm. So you can all enjoy enjoy the outing for a long time.

At Texelana we have various warm mittens for children in assortment, both of sheepskin and sheep's wool and for babies toddlers, preschoolers and elementary school children.

Wool children's hats

During a walk or a bike ride, it is important to keep your child's head well warm. Most of the heat is lost through through the head. A wool hat is soft and comfortable and therefore also particularly nice for children.

Texelana has various hats for children in the assortment. Nice and warm and comfortable.