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Everything in Saddle Pads

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Soft bike saddle pads made of sheepskin; we have them in
different colors and in two sizes. The saddle pads have elastic edges at the bottom
bottom elastic edges, so you can easily attach the saddle pads to your
bicycle saddle. With rainy weather, we recommend to remove the
saddle pads from your saddle.

Why choose a saddle pad bike?

A saddle pad bike is a great way to protect your saddle
protect it from wear and provide more comfort while cycling. A
saddle pad bike can add to your cycling enjoyment. There are many different
types of saddle pads available. For example, made of gel or plastic, but a
sheepskin saddle pad is a natural material and therefore a good
choice. In addition, a sheepskin saddle pad is also simply beautiful to look at. The
material has a natural look and matches any bicycle. A
saddle pad sheepskin is not only functional but also a stylish addition to your bike.
a stylish addition to your bike.

Saddle pad sheepskin

Sheepskin is a material that is naturally soft and
comfortable. Therefore, it is an excellent material to make a sheepskin
saddle pad from it. The material easily adapts to your
body shape and provides optimal pressure distribution on your saddle.
Moreover, sheepskin is warm in the winter and ventilates in the summer,
allowing you to cycle comfortably all year round.

A bike seat cover made of sheepskin is also very
durable. Sheepskin is naturally resistant to dirt and wear and thus lasts
long lasting. A sheepskin saddle cover is a good investment that you will enjoy
enjoy for a long time. In the spring, though, watch out for the birds. The
birds see the wool of the sheepskin saddle pads as ideal nesting material, the
birds try to pluck the hairs from your woolen saddle pad to then fly back with a
a beak full of wool to fly back to their nest.

Sheepskin saddle pad bicycle in different designs

Texelana has two different sizes of sheepskin
saddle pad. A normal size for regular bicycle saddles. And an extra large, for
transport bikes. The saddle pads are also in different colors
available. Natural white, painted anthracite or brown. Texelana also has
bicycle saddle pads made of medicinal tanned sheepskin. Please note! The
dyed saddle pad sheepskin can discolor by sunlight. The unpainted
saddle pads do not suffer from this.

A bike seat cover made of sheepskin cannot be machine washed,
In case of a stain, we advise you to clean only the stain with a
damp cloth and possibly some wool detergent. Make sure the leather side does not get wet.
become. Wet leather becomes hard and can tear.

Wool bicycle saddle cover

If you are looking for a comfortable, durable and
stylish saddle pad bike, then a sheepskin saddle pad is the best choice.
You will find that your cycling enjoyment will improve by leaps and bounds with a
sheepskin bike saddle pad. Whether you take long bike rides or just a
short ride to the supermarket, with a sheepskin saddle pad you will always be
always comfortable.

With a saddle pad bike, you're always in the right place.

For years our bicycle saddle pads have been a very popular gift!
The Netherlands is pre-eminently a bicycle country so you probably know someone who always takes the
bicycle. Or someone who likes to go on a cycling vacation, for example to Texel. Because Texel has no less than 140
km. of cycle paths. A bicycle saddle pad is a fun and original gift. Give
a sheepskin saddle pad as a gift for Father's Day or Mother's Day, or to a birthday boy.
With a bicycle saddle pad you are always in the right place.