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The Shakaloha Philosophy

The brand name may be difficult to pronounce, but it does have a meaning. Shakaloha consists of the words Shaka, which is the Hawaiian hand greeting (with a straight thumb, little finger and curved middle finger) and the word Aloha. The latter means: to love is to share the happiness of the breath of life. This meaning can be found in the logo of the brand. For that reason, Shakaloha is much more than just a label. It exudes a positive lifestyle and aims to inspire people to follow their dreams, live their passions and share the love for everything that excites them. All this without harming your fellow man or the earth. André Blom founded the brand in 2008. He realized he could do what he loved to do and had a passion for travelling, surfing and designing and marketing clothing. He managed to combine everything and traveled along the northern European coasts to surf and look for a shop to sell his products. The collection now consists of a series of fleece-lined vests that are made in Nepal. The production helps Nepalese workers with income and housing to overcome the devastating earthquakes of April 2015. The popularity of the brand is still growing and the Shakaloha philosophy is further spread by André.


The Shakaloha cardigans are made from 100% New Zealand sheep wool. The products are knitted in Nepal, where great value is attached to the welfare of both animals and employees. The vests are lined with a fleece or cotton lining. The vests are equipped with a strong YKK zipper so that you can enjoy your favorite item of clothing for a long time. Wool provides a pleasant warm feeling, but also has a self-cleaning effect. It is therefore not necessary to wash the vest often. Would you like to freshen it up? You can do this by hand or in the washing machine with a little wool detergent on the wool wash program (30°C).

Why do you choose Shakaloha clothing?

In the collection you will find cardigans with various prints. In addition to the classic and comfortable cardigan, you can also opt for a cardigan with striking patchwork in natural colours, a colorful cardigan with different patterns or one where bright colors are mixed with natural tones. The different colors and patterns make the cardigans unique. In addition, all products are handmade, making each garment unique. The wool is also of high quality. This way you can enjoy your favorite clothes for a long time.