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Everything in Medicinal tanned sheepskin

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What is a medicinal tanned sheepskin?

A medicinally tanned sheepskin is a short sheared coat
coat which is tanned in a different way; this preserves the lanolin in the coat. Because of the use of coats with a high
density, the pressure distribution is optimal and it is very comfortable to lie on these
these coats. The medicated coats are very suitable when you yourself
need to sit or lie down for long periods, but also to put in your baby's baby carriage or playpen. The fur keeps the baby nice and warm, thanks to its
moisture-regulating and warming properties of the wool. The pleasant
softness of the sheepskin gives a secure feeling. Thanks to the optimal
temperature and moisture-regulating properties of a sheepskin, babies and children often fall asleep more peacefully.

Medical sheepskin: wide range at Texelana

Texelana has a wide selection of sizes of medical
sheepskin. Whether you are looking for a small sheepskin for on a
chair, or a larger one to put on the bed, at Texelana we have it
all of it. There are also small sizes of medical sheepskin for in the
baby carriage or the stroller.

Medicinal sheepskin for soft support

A medicinal tanned sheepskin can be used in a variety of ways and offers pleasant relief. You can place the sheepskin on a
chair, sofa or bed to provide comfort and relieve pressure points.
Because of the sheepskin's natural resilience, it adapts to the
contours of your body, providing optimal support.
In addition, a medicinal tanned sheepskin can provide relief for sore
muscles and joints, and help regulate the
body temperature. Beneficial, warm and comfortable.

Medicinal tanned sheepskin: 100% durability and quality

At Texelana, we value durability and
quality. Our medicinal tanned sheepskin is made of 100% natural
sheepskin and is tanned in an environmentally friendly way. The special
tanning process ensures that the sheepskin retains its natural properties
and offers the advantage that a medicinal tanned sheepskin is also gently
washable when really needed.

Care of medicinally tanned sheepskins

To enjoy your medicinal tanned
sheepskin, it is important to take good care of it. Regular airing
and patting is sufficient to keep the sheepskin fresh and hygienic.
In the unlikely event that a stain does occur, you can carefully
with a slightly damp cloth, possibly with a little wool detergent with lanolin.
with lanolin. It is also possible to carefully wash the sheepskin in the washing machine.
in the washing machine. Always follow the attached washing instructions.
We recommend washing the coat only when strictly necessary. By taking good
taking good care of your medicated sheepskin ensures that it will
and that the quality of the wool is preserved.

Buy medicinal tanned sheepskin? At Texelana you will find the largest collection!

Do you want to buy a medicinal tanned sheepskin? Then you are at Texelana
the right place. Whether you are looking for a medicinally tanned
sheepskin, a medical sheepskin or an ecologically tanned sheepskin,
at Texelana you will find it all. View our wide range online or in
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medicinal tanned sheepskin has to offer.