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What is wolborg

Wolborg is made of wool knitted into sturdy jersey. This creates a material that is soft, strong and warm, but slightly more susceptible to wear than felt or sheepskin. Due to friction at the pressure points, such as the heel, the wool hairs can come loose from the tricot. This wearing process does not affect the warmth or comfort. You can still enjoy wearing the slippers. Wolborg also has all the positive properties of wool. Wool regulates temperature and moisture so your feet stay comfortably warm without feeling clammy. The wolborg slippers are often a cheaper choice than the sheepskin slippers or woolfelt slippers from Texelana.

Buy Spanish slippers at Texelana

Texelana sells different types of wool slippers. There are the well-known Spanish slippers with wool lining from Bernardino. These Spanish slippers are still truly made in Spain. The slippers have a cow leather exterior and feature a felt midsole. This midsole provides extra cushioning and acts as an extra layer of insulation. Ideal if you have a cold tiled floor. The Bernadino Spanish slippers are slightly higher than the standard models of Spanish slippers. This way, you wrap your whole feet optimally with the nice and warm soft wool. The Spanish slippers are available in sizes 36 to 48 and available in the colors mocca and navy.

Wool slippers

The slippers of Yoko Wool are all made of wolborg. This is wool that is knitted into jersey. The material is soft, strong and warm with the great advantages of sheep's wool. Wool is moist regulating and breathable and can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling clammy. Friction (especially underfoot) can loosen the wool hairs, which can cause scuffs. This is quite normal and the process occurs at varying rates. As with socks, the lifespan of these slippers also depends on the type of floor on which they are walked. For example, on a rough tile floor, the studs and wool will wear out faster than on a smooth PVC floor. Yoko Wool has a wide range of wool slippers for women, men and children. These soft and warm slippers are available in different models. A slipper boot to halfway down your calf, low wool slippers to below the ankle or a mule. All Yoko Wool slippers are made of woolborg and have a soft woolly interior and exterior. Because of the thick layer of warm wool, the Yoko Wool Siberian slippers come out a bit smaller. We recommend taking one size larger than your own shoe size.
Maintenance of wool slippers

Yoko Wool wool slippers and Yoko Wool wool slippers from wolborg are optionally washable at 30 degrees Celsius on a wool wash cycle. Do not let the slippers dry on the heater, this will dry out the wool. The Spanish slippers with woolborg are not washable, if the cow leather gets wet, it becomes hard and will tear. You can spray the Spanish slippers with protective suede spray. By applying a thin layer, the material is cared for and provided with a protective layer. This makes the product look nicer and also keeps it looking cared for longer.

Buying wool slippers at Texelana

Texelana has more than 30 years of experience in selling wool slippers. Thereby, Texelana has quality and comfort in high priority. Texelana has an extensive assortment, from a mule model to a higher boot model. Are you looking for wool slippers with a non-slip stud sole or do you prefer a slipper with a cow leather sole with which you can snuggle up on the couch? With our collection we have a warm slipper for every (cold) foot. Texelana has designed the slipper advice tool.This tool shows you all the features of the slippers. This will help you to pick your new pair of slippers. Would you prefer personal advice, please feel free to contact our customer service, we are happy to help you.