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Why a wool mattress topper?

You start a new day rested when you've had a good sleep. To wake up well rested, it is important that you create the right sleeping condition. Our mattress toppers are filled with a unique filling of pure new wool. In addition, the top layer is finished with a soft layer of virgin wool. This combination gives the mattress topper a royal thickness and airiness.

Characteristics of a sheep's wool mattress topper

To allow your body to relax optimally during the night, it is important that a mattress meets your needs and suits your body. In addition, you can choose an extra addition in the form of an mattress topper. The sheep's wool mattress topper is characterized first of all by its unique filling: pure new wool. Wool is naturally very frizzy. This makes it ideal for making mattress topper and duvets. The insulating effect keeps you warm and in cold weather and wool has a moisture regulating and ventilating effect on warmer days. The fibers of the wool can in fact efficiently absorb and dissipate. In addition, the layer of springy sheep's wool makes you feel more comfortable experience than when sleeping alone on a mattress.

The benefits of a wool mattress topper

  • Wool is breathable, it can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture and allows it to gradually to the environment. So you don't feel clammy when sleeping on a wool mattress topper.
  • Wool is self-cleaning. Because there is still lanolin in the wool, you do not need to wash your wool pillow, but only air it outside regularly.
  • Wool is a sustainable product. It lasts a long time last and is extracted in an animal-friendly manner.
  • Wool works to regulate moisture. It absorbs moisture easily and also evaporate again easily.

How do I maintain a wool-filled mattress topper?

Wool-filled mattress toppers are not washable. Wool has the beautiful property of being dirt repellent, so cleaning will only rarely necessary. We recommend airing the mattress topper well. Open the bed every morning morning so that the absorbed moisture can be released into the air. air. In addition, you can air the woolen mattress topper outside, which will The wool will refresh. Any stains can be removed with a cloth and lukewarm soapy water. If you want to clean the mattress topper better, you can do this at the dry cleaner's. With normal use, this is not necessary. Since the sheep's wool mattress topper is not washable, we recommend using a flannel and fitted sheet over the mattress topper.