Devold, more than 150 years of experience

Devold is originally a Norwegian woolen underwear brand and was founded by Ole Andreas Devold in 1853. Even then, he attached great importance to products made from the best and finest quality wool. Four generations of knowledge have now been passed on from son to son. The history still lives on to this day. All products are produced in the European Union, where respect for people and nature is central. In addition, Devold has the entire production process completely under its own management. This way, the quality and years of knowledge about wool and its processing are not lost.


All Devold products are made from the best quality wool, namely 100% merino wool*. Wool has many advantages: it does not itch, is moisture-regulating, breathes well so that you suffer less from perspiration, feels cool in the summer and keeps you comfortably warm in the winter. Moreover, it does not quickly smell of body odors. All wool products from Devold are of very high quality. The garments are functional, comfortable to wear and look great!

* The wool is mulesing-free. This means that the wool comes from sheep that are treated in an animal-friendly way.

Why do you choose Devold?

Wool clothing for every moment.

Do you like to go on winter sports? Will you soon be traveling to an area with fluctuating temperatures? Or do you like to walk in your own country? Whatever activity you undertake, Devold has the perfect clothing for every moment. With the extensive collection for both men and women, you can put together your ideal outfit based on different wool thicknesses. For example, choose a Devold sweater, t-shirt, cardigan, sweater or pullover. The accessories complete your look. View the entire collection and discover which products suit your needs!