Kaiser, quality for more than 50 years.

Kaiser is a German company that has been making sheepskin products for two generations. They have been combining knowledge of sheepskin products for decades. They are also experts in the field of medical products. Sustainability plays a major role at Kaiser. For example, all fur comes from Europe and the sheep are not bred for their fur, but this is a residual product. The coats are cleaned with as few chemicals as possible.

Medicinal tanned fur products

Kaiser's sheepskin products are made from medicinally tanned furs. These coats have a higher coat density than normal sheepskins. This makes the fur products ideal for children and babies. They can lie nice and soft on it and the warmth gives them a sense of security. This makes it easier for babies to fall asleep.

Sheepskin pram sleeping bag

The sleeping bags made of medicinally tanned sheepskin are wind and water resistant and lined with lambskin. The children's sleeping bags are available in two variants. The baby sleeping bag for the baby seat or the carrycot and the sleeping bag for the pram . In addition, there is also a medicinally tanned sheepskin for the baby seat , which is equipped with handy belt slots.