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Texelana - summer duvet | cotton filled

Texelana - summer duvet | cotton filled

Regular price € 52,47
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Cotton summer duvet.

This light, cotton-filled summer duvet is perfect for warm summer nights. Just enough to keep you warm, but not too hot. Cotton has a fantastic heat and moisture regulating capacity. A well-breathing summer duvet!

A nice extra is that you can easily wash this cotton summer duvet yourself at home in the washing machine and at a high temperature. This summer duvet is also anti-allergic.

  • material : 100% pure cotton
  • filling weight: approx. 200 g/m²
  • washing instructions: up to 60°C and tumble dryer resistant

Tip: always use a cotton duvet cover with a cotton-filled duvet, so that the filling can ventilate optimally.

Heat classes

There are four heat classes: 1, 2, 3 and 4. The lower the number, the warmer the duvet is. This cotton summer duvet falls into heat class 4 . A pleasant summer duvet!

Explanation of the warmth classes of duvets in short:

  • Class 4 is the thinnest, least warm and most suitable as a summer duvet. The Excellent summer duvet, the Cotton summer duvet and the Wildsilk summer duvet fall into this heat class.
  • Class 3 is medium warm and best suited for the spring and autumn months. The Excellent spring/autumn duvet falls into this heat class.
  • Class 2 is warm and most commonly used in winter. Our wool-filled 4-season duvets, the Excellent winter duvet and the Cotton winter duvet fall into this class.
  • Class 1 is the thickest and warmest duvet. Texelana does not have duvets in heat class 1 in its range.

Since Texelana has no production capacity on Texel,
all our duvets and blankets are made elsewhere in the Netherlands.


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