Yoko Wool

Yoko wool is an Irish brand known for its wool slippers. They have these in many different models. From slipper boots to loafers. But they also have an extensive range of slippers for children. In addition, Yoko wool also has a clothing line with clothing made from sheep's wool.

Woolborg slippers

The slippers from Yoko Wool are all made of woolborg. This is wool knitted into tricot. The material is soft, strong and warm and yet has the great advantages of sheep's wool. Wool has a moisture-regulating and breathable effect and can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling clammy.

Yoko Wool slippers are available in different versions. From sheep wool slipper boot , sheep wool slippers to sheep wool slipper .

Yoko wool for children

Yoko wool also has an extensive range for children. From baby slippers with a cord to sleeping bags for the buggy or stroller . This wonderfully soft footmuff is ideal for the pram and ensures that your child stays nice and warm. The wool baby mittens are equipped with a handy string, so your child will not lose them quickly.

Wool clothing from Yoko wool

In addition to wool slippers, Yoko Wool also has wool clothing. These clothes are also made of woolborg, which gives it a different look than knitted woolen clothes. The wool bodywarmer and the wool cardigan are unisex and available in different colours. The soft lining makes them wonderfully comfortable.