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Why choose wool accessories?

To start your outdoor activity well prepared,
it is important that you are warmly dressed. For this, not only a jacket and
undergarments are important, but also the accessories. You lose the most body
most body heat. With a woolly hat, gloves and a
scarf will keep the uncovered parts of your body pleasantly warm.

The advantages of wool

All the accessories in our range are made of wool.
We made a conscious choice for this. Wool has many positive
properties namely:

  • Natural. Wool comes directly from the sheep and has been considered a very effective protection against heat and cold for centuries. To date, no other fiber has the same effect.
  • Insulating and temperature regulating. Both on cold and hot days, the ideal temperature is created by the temperature regulating effect.
  • Moist absorbing. Wool can absorb moisture and wicks it away gradually. As a result, it does not feel clammy. Ideal for perspiration, for example during winter sports.
  • Elastic. Wool is naturally resilient so it molds to your body and movement. Then the fabric returns to its original shape.
  • Not static. Moisture is naturally absorbed from the air. This minimizes the chance of a static reaction. Very convenient with a wool hat.
  • Water and dirt repellent. Wool naturally contains a layer of fat (lanolin). This repels moisture and dirt so washing is not often necessary.
  • Hard-wearing and durable. Wool is a strong material and therefore hard-wearing. As a result, you will enjoy your wool accessory for a long time.

Wool accessories for every occasion

Which accessory you choose depends on your outdoor activity.
In our assortment you will find various woolly hats, gloves, headbands and
scarves for everyday use. If you choose a woolly hat, we have
various models in our assortment. For example, the wool cap from Woolpower
or a West end hat made of merino wool . The coarse knit look gives your outfit
a warm yet cool look. The West end hat can be perfectly combined with
merino wool mittens and a merino wool scarf.

Wool accessories from Texelana

Are you looking for warm accessories that last?
Then check out Texelana's collection of wool accessories. Due to the unique
properties of wool you enjoy a warm and durable product. A woolen
hat for example, also nice to give as a gift during the holidays. Because of the
many colors and different designs, wool accessories are perfect to combine with
combine with every outfit. Discover it for yourself!