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Thermo shirt merino wool men: warm and comfortable

Wool thermal underwear men, keeps you warm during cold winter months and ventilates in the warmer summer days. Best results are achieved when worn directly on the skin.
Wool thermal underwear men, has several good properties:

  • Woolpower thermal clothing acts as a temperature regulator. Whether it's freezing atop the mountain or the sun is shining brightly, merino wool thermal clothing always feels comfortable.
  • Merino wool thermal clothing men works to absorb moisture. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture so your clothes won't feel clammy.
  • Dirt repellent. The natural wool grease (lanolin) repels moisture and dirt. Washing is therefore needed less often.
  • Wear-resistant. Merino wool thermalwear men's from 100% merino wool is too fragile, so it is mixed with synthetic fibers. This combination creates a strong material that is soft, warm and hard-wearing. This allows you to enjoy your favorite garment for a long time.

The thermal clothing ofWoolpower is made from wool that is mulesing-free. That means the wool comes from sheep that are treated in an animal-friendly manner.

Merinowol thermokleding men

Merino wool thermal clothing men is best worn directly on the skin and built up in several layers. The more layers you create, the better the body stays at temperature during various conditions. Basically, the under layer of wool thermal clothing men always forms the base. Then you can choose an intermediate layer such as a merino wool thermal shirt men. Thanks to the different material thicknesses of the Woolpower brand, you can put together the ideal thermal outfit yourself.

Wool thermal underwear men

Wool thermal underwear men wears very comfortably. Due to the special way of knitting, where one side of the fabric is flat and the other side consists of loops, this material retains a lot of air and thus heat. The wool thermal underwear men is suitable for any activity!

Merinowool thermal clothing men

Thermal shirt merino wool men for optimal comfort. The idea of Woolpower is that it is not the thermal clothing that keeps you warm, but your own body. Wool thermal underwear men from Woolpower ensures that there is a layer of air between your body and your thermal underwear, Woolpower's unique structure ensures this. Feel free to wear your thermal shirt merino wool men during sports or other intense activities. The layer of air ensures that (perspiration) moisture is properly discharged.

Thermal clothing wool men buy at Texelana

Summer, winter, spring or fall: it's always handy to have thermal clothing in your closet. Woolpower's wool thermal clothing will get you off to a good start on any outdoor activity. Moreover, this high-quality thermal clothing from woolpower is produced with attention to the environment and animal welfare. So buying thermal clothing wool men is a good idea!