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Everything in Wool gloves and mittens

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Why choose wool gloves and mittens?

Wool gloves keep your hands comfortably warm in the
winter. With the gloves and mittens of Texelana you can brave the stormy weather in the
Netherlands and abroad. For pleasantly warm hands, choosing the
right glove is very important. Your choice depends not only on
personal preferences, but also on your activity. Therefore you will find in our
range of wool gloves of different thicknesses. For cycling
for example, our wonderfully warm wool mittens from the Swedish brand Devold.
For outdoor activities, you may prefer to have your fingers free.
Then choose the NLS Gaters wool wrist warmers. With the gloves and mittens of
Texelana cold hands are a thing of the past. In our assortment you will find mittens and
gloves of sheepskin and wool for the whole family, for big and small hands.
little hands. In our assortment you will find sheepskin mittens for the whole family.

The difference between wool gloves and wool mittens

The difference between gloves and mittens: gloves
have fingers and mittens do not. With a glove, each finger has to
take care of its own warmth. In a mitt, the fingers work together,
making mittens warmer than gloves. We recommend woolen mittens
if your hands get cold easily. Gloves have the great advantage
that you can grasp things more easily.

The importance of warm gloves

When it is cold outside, it is important to keep your body
warm. Your hands, feet and the tip of your nose will be the first to cool off.
cool, these extremities are less important because the blood supply goes first to
the vital parts of your body. With wool mittens or gloves of wool
protect your hands from the colder weather and you will be less likely to feel cold.
less likely to be cold.

The maintenance of wool mittens and wool gloves.

Wool is a fine material to make mittens or gloves from
because it is antibacterial and odor resistant. Thanks to the lanolin in the
wool has a natural protection against dirt and moisture. Wool
gloves and wool mittens therefore do not need to be washed often.
Hang them outside occasionally so it can freshen up. By airing instead of
washing, you also save the environment. If you want to wash your mittens or gloves
, then we recommend the Texelana Wool detergent. When handwashing
Never rub hard, to prevent felting. Always look for the washing instructions on the
label inside the garment. Always lay wool gloves or mittens down to dry.

Wool gloves and mittens

Texelana has a wide range of woolen
gloves and wool mittens. From thin gloves of merino wool to thick
knitted gloves in cheerful colors. Also take a look at our beautiful
knitted wool gloves and mittens from Aran Woollen Mills. With a pair
wool gloves will keep your hands warm in winter. Did you know that we
also have fingerless gloves? Ideal for when you need your hands a lot
need a lot, but want to be pleasantly warm.

Wool mittens and wool gloves to match

Do you like to appear stylish! Then we have nice
combinations for you! We have different wool mittens and wool gloves
with which you can make fashionable sets. Wear the Norwegian Svalbard mittens with the
warm Norwegian Svalbard hat. Another
nice combination is for example The Knit Factory Cleo fingerless gloves
combined with Knit Factory scarf and/or poncho of your choice.

Buying wool gloves at Texelana

Our wool gloves and wool mittens are of
high quality and offer great comfort. We have many years of
experience in selling wool mittens and gloves and can advise you well.
good advice. For example, how to determine the right size.

Wool gloves and wool mittens buy from Texelana,
your wool specialist.