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Decorative pillow sheep wool and decorative pillow sheepskin: wide range at Texelana

Texelana has a wide range of decorative pillows of sheep's wool and decorative pillows of sheepskin. From cushions for on the couch, in your lounge chair or on the lounge sofa in the garden. The ornamental cushions sheep's wool and decorative pillow sheepskin come in different colors. There is always a sheep's wool decorative pillow or sheepskin decorative pillow that matches your interior. fits. You can also find decorative pillows of different sheep breeds, each with their unique characteristics and appearance.

Wool decorative pillow and sheepskin decorative pillow comfortable and cozy

Besides looking beautiful, wool decorative pillows also feel also feel very comfortable. The natural material feels wonderfully soft and provides a warm and cozy feeling. You can use these cushions to add comfort to add to your sofa, armchair or bed. Moreover, they bring a cozy and atmospheric ambiance in your interior. Mix and match different cushions and create a unique look in your living room or bedroom. With a wool decorative pillow or sheepskin decorative pillow you are assured of comfort and style in one. Need help choosing a sheepskin pillow or sheepskin pillow? If so, please contact our customer service team.

Cushion sheep wool: 100% durable and quality

The sheep wool decorative pillows and sheepskin decorative pillows that Texelana sells are made of 100% durable sheep's wool and sheepskin of the highest quality. We attach great value the use of sustainable and natural materials. By choosing for the best quality wool and sheepskin, the sheep's wool pillows and sheepskin cushions will stay beautiful for a long time if you maintain them properly.

Maintenance of sheep wool decorative pillow

To keep your sheep's wool decorative pillow neatly for a long time, it is important to take good care of it. Because they cannot be washed, it is best to leave it outside to air. Wool works self-cleaning. If there are stains in your sheep's wool decorative pillow, it is best to clean it with a slightly damp cloth and possibly a little wool detergent.

Sheepskin decorative pillow care instructions

A sheepskin decorative pillow requires more maintenance than a wool decorative pillow. This is because a sheepskin decorative pillow is made from real sheepskin. These should be brushed regularly, so that the hairs do not tangle together. You can maintain your sheepskin decorative pillow by brushing it with a dog or rabbit brush. Also an old hairbrush can be useful for this purpose. Just like a sheep's wool decorative pillow, you can also leave a sheepskin decorative pillow outside to freshen it up.

Wool decorative pillow buy or sheepskin decorative pillow buy? At Texelana the largest collection!

Want to buy a wool decorative pillow or a sheepskin decorative pillow buy? Then you have come to the right place at Texelana. In our webshop and stores you will find a wide collection of sheep's wool decorative pillows and decorative pillows sheepskin pillows of excellent quality. Choose from different sizes, colors and sheep breeds to find the perfect pillow for your interior. Our cushions are not only comfortable and stylish, but also sustainably produced. With a woolen or sheepskin pillow of Texelana you get a high-quality product in your home that you will enjoy for a long time.

Discover the warmth, comfort and atmosphere of a wool decorative pillow and give your interior a luxurious feel. Browse our wide range and order your favorite sheep's wool or sheepskin decorative pillow at Texelana!