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Everything in Wool-filled pillows

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Why a wool pillow

The pillows of Texelana are filled with wool balls.
This filling regulates moisture and ventilates excellently. Therefore a
wool-filled pillow is ideal for people who perspire quickly while
sleep. The soft wool balls form to your head and neck so that you have sufficient support.
sufficient support. In addition, sheep's wool is naturally very frizzy and
contains lanolin (wool grease). Together this ensures that the pillow retains its
resilience and thus continues to provide proper support.

The material

Our wool pillows are filled with balls of 100%
sheep's wool. The Texelana Standard Pillow has a cover of 100 % cotton.
This fabric feels soft and is also hard-wearing and washable. The weight is
approximately 1200 grams with a standard size of 60x70 cm. The Texelana Excellent
Pillow has a cotton cover, filled with wool. This gives a total weight
of approximately 1400 grams in the standard size of 60x70 cm.

Always the perfect thickness

For a good night's sleep, it is important that your head and
spine are in a straight line. Otherwise, you may experience headaches and/or
neck pain. Depending on your sleeping position, choose a high,
medium or low pillow. With a wool pillow, the thickness is easy to adjust.
The pillows are equipped with a zipper so you can take out or refill.
out or refill. Especially for this we sell wool balls for
refill that you can reorder in bags. That way you always have a
well-filled pillow.

Maintenance of a wool pillow

Another advantage of a pillow with wool filling is that
it requires little maintenance. This is because wool naturally contains lanolin.
This is also called wool grease and is bacteria repellent and dirt repellent. Because of
this self-cleaning effect, mold is virtually impossible. To keep the
pillow in optimum condition, we recommend that the pillow
regularly to shake and air the pillow. Thus retains the wool its airy

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