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Everything in Sheepskin care products

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Why choose care products made of sheepskin?

Walkers, (endurance) athletes and people who suffer from
aching muscles and joints can sometimes use a little help. Wool can offer a solution. Take a look at our medical
sheepskin or sheepskin slippers. Because of the unique properties
the warm, soft fleece offers great comfort. Medical sheepskin slippers are sheared back to about 3 inches;
this makes the support offered by the fleece greater than a "regular"
sheepskin. Medical tanned coats are not colored or bleached. The
yellowish color the coat derives from the method of tanning. These
coats offer relief in the case of muscle problems and soothing for
pressure spots.
Also with
other discomforts caused by prolonged lying or sitting, the soft, moisturizing and warming,
moisturizing and warming medicinal sheepskin is a godsend. The medicinally tanned skin is also very suitable for use in
your baby's baby carriage or stroller. The fleece keeps the child
warm, thanks to the moisture-regulating and warming properties of the
wool. The pleasant softness of the sheepskin gives a secure feeling.
Thanks to the optimal temperature and moisture-regulating properties of a
sheepskin, babies and children often fall asleep more peacefully. View
our range of care products from wool and sheepskin and experience the
benefits of this beautiful material.

Since Texelana has no production capacity on Texel,
all our sheepskin products are made by small-scale sewing workshops in Europe
sheepskins come from the Netherlands, England, Ireland, Sweden and
Iceland and are tanned and processed in various tanneries in Europe, according to
the EU guidelines.

Sheep's wool slippers

For people who have difficulty putting on and taking off slippers
Texelana has sheepskin slipper
model Sarah. This model is equipped with Velcro so you can easily
in and out easily. There are also special wheelchair slippers which are
are provided with three rows of Velcro. This makes the slippers
easily and far open. Ideal for people in wheelchairs or mobility scooters. To preserve your sheepskin slippers we recommend that before the first use - and then
regularly - to spray them with a protective spray (not a mousse). This
protects the product from water and dirt. We recommend the Collonil
Active Universal protector. Please note: sheepskin products cannot be
be washed!

Sheepskin care products

Sheepskin gives a pleasant warmth which due to the
moisture-regulating properties does not feel clammy. Ideal for keeping muscles
warm. This comfortable warmth is very suitable for low
back pain complaints. Therefore Texelana has the back warmer of sheepskin
developed. In addition, sheepskin can also relieve bedsores.
For this, use a medical tanned sheepskin in your chair or bed. Texelana also has a special
elbow / knee / heel protector of sheepskin. In the places where your bone
close under your skin can quickly develop painful pressure spots, our
elbow / knee / heel protector offers relief and comfort here.

Buy wool care products from Texelana

Buy wool care products from Texelana. Besides the fact that
the furs are of high quality, we also have a very extensive
collection of wool comfort products. Texelana has more than 30 years experience
with selling wool products. We can therefore give you sound advice
give and we like to think along with you. Do you have questions about our care products
please feel free to contact our customer service, we are happy to help you!