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Everything in Lanolin skin care

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Why choose lanolin skin care?

Your skin gets a lot to endure and can therefore use some extra care. For example, in cold and inclement weather or on a sunny day. sunny day. All Texelana care products contain lanolin, a delicious delicious care ingredient. Lanolin supports natural skin repair and can be used with dry or irritated skin. In short, the care products with lanolin always come in handy and belong in every bathroom.

What is lanolin

Lanolin is a natural product that comes from sheep's wool. Every summer, sheep are sheared. The shorn wool is then gently cleaned and then the lanolin remains. After an intensive cleaning procedure, we process the lanolin into high-quality creams and other care products. The intensively nourishing lanolin is the ideal remedy for the (problem) skin. Lanolin nourishes, cares for and makes the skin soft and supple. The composition of lanolin is very similar to our own skin fat. Lanolin is also called wool fat. However, this is not the same. Lanolin is not pure sheep's wool grease, but consists of wool grease and water.

Lanolin: the benefits

Lanolin is a natural product with nurturing properties. It nourishes the skin intensively and keeps it supple. An advantage of our lanolin products is that they do not feel greasy. The lanolin is absorbed quickly. By the different lanolin products Texelana has in its assortment, there is there is always a product type that suits your needs.

Lanolin and sea buckthorn a golden combination

The sea buckthorn extract in our products comes from sea buckthorn berries. Sea buckthorn has a beneficial effect. It improves the hydration of dry skin and soothes the troubled skin. In addition, the ingredient stimulates and accelerates the healing process in minor burns and abrasions. This is the reason why almost all of our skin care products contain this ingredient.

Wide range of care products

Texelana has a wide range of care products in which lanolin is incorporated. The product is also sold in its purest form sold: pure lanolin. This is very beneficial for chapped hands and feet. In addition, we offer lanolin handcream, hand soap, foot balm,face cream, muscle and massage balm and shampoo. Our lanolin skin care is highly recommended because it softens rough skin and lips. Even scrapes can recover faster with a lick  healing lanolin cream .

Versatile application

The care products with lanolin are also very nice to gift. Especially for this we have three giftsets composed. Ideal to surprise your partner, friend or acquaintance with!

The cheerful sheep soaps are also a favorite gift! The soaps not only look nice on the sink but they also smell delicious. The soap produces a modest amount of creamy lather while washing and the lanolin makes the hands pleasantly soft. Tip! You can also hang these soaps in your closet to give your closet and clothes a fresh scent.

Lanolin care easily ordered online

Your skin deserves the very best. Give it some extra care with the lanolin products from Texelana. Every household benefits from these care products. View our extensive range or let us advice by us. Ordering is easy online at Texelana. We ensure that your order is shipped within two working days so that you products quickly at home. Experience the unique effect of lanolin yourself.