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Wool wolborg pillows

If you are looking for a comfortable and supportive neck pillow, consider a pillow or neck support made of wolborg. This is because wool has many natural benefits that make it very suitable as a material for a pillow.

Texelana has different models of wolborg pillows, so there is always one that offers the desired support. Soft, warm and comfortable.
Why buy a wolborg pillow?
The wolborg pillows, such as the wolborg neck roll or the wolborg neck support, have a soft wool exterior and are filled with wool balls. This makes the wolborg pillows from Texelana an excellent choice. Some advantages of pillow of woolborg are;

  • Wool is breathable; it can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture and gradually releases it to the environment. Thus, you won't have a clammy feeling when you sleep on a wool pillow.
  • Wool is self-cleaning. Because there is still some lanolin in the wool, you don't need to wash your wool pillow, just air it outside regularly.
  • Wool is a sustainable product. It lasts a long time and is mined in an animal-friendly way.
  • Wool has a moisture-regulating effect. It absorbs moisture easily and also allows it to evaporate again easily.

So a woolborg pillow is definitely a good idea!

For which reasons you should use a pillow from wolborg?

Pillows from wolborg are multifunctional. You can use them to support your back, your head or your neck. Nice while traveling, or just for your relaxing moment on the couch. Because of the variety, there is always a pillow that suits you.

Pillows from wolborg, but what is wolborg?

Our wool woolborg pillows are made of woolborg; this is wo, knitted into jersey. This creates a firm, yet soft fabric that is also wonderfully warm. Moreover, wolborg has all the positive properties of wool. Pillows from wolborg have been a favorite of our customers for years.

Wolborg neck roll, neck support and more....

Texelana has different models of wolborg pillows. The outside of the wolborg pillows is made of soft wolborg. The pillows are filled with soft wool balls of high quality. The pillows do not have a zipper, so the filling is not removable or refillable.

Wolborg neck roll

This neck roll is ideal when you are sitting on the couch or reading in bed. Nice and comfortable behind your back or under your neck. Also a very handy pillow for traveling! Filled with frizzy wool balls.

Wolborg neck support

A very popular model of our wolborg pillows is the soft wolborg neck support; this pillow is shaped like a boomerang, providing good support for your neck. Ideal to take with you when traveling. Even when lying on the couch, the pillow is very comfortable. Filled with soft wool balls and fitted with a soft woolborg exterior.

Square wolborg cushion

A comfortable pillow for your back or to lay your head on. This wolborg pillow is a favorite with many of our customers. The square pillow is filled with soft wool balls and has an exterior of warm, soft wolborg.

Wolborg pillows: 100% durability and quality

For the filling in our wolborg pillows, balls of frizzy sheep's wool are used, of the best quality. Wonderfully soft, resilient and with the natural characteristics of wool. Breathable, moisture regulating and nice and warm. A pillow from wolborg lasts a long time and is made from natural materials. A sustainable choice!

Buy Wolborg pillow? At Texelana you will find the largest collection!

The Texelana wool pillows are filled with soft wool balls and have a warm and cozy feel. The pillows are available in various shapes; so there is always one that meets your needs. Wonderfully comfortable, warm and soft. Also nice as a gift item!