Lambskin slippers

What is the difference between lambskin and sheepskin?

Lambskin and sheepskin are actually the same product,
the only difference is the age of the sheep when this fleece was extracted
is becoming. For lambskin, the fleece is extracted from a sheep that has never been used before
has been shaved, which gives the coat a softer structure. After the sheep before
first shaved (when they are about 1 year old) the coat becomes
called sheepskin. Texelana's slippers are made of sheepskin
made and not from lambskin.

What are the benefits of lambskin slippers

The Texelana sheepskin slippers are made from the reverse fur of sheep. Slippers with sheepskin on the inside have several good qualities.

Slippers with lambskin or sheepskin slippers feel warm and comfortable: Lambskin is soft because the slippers are made from sheep's fur that has never been sheared before. This makes the slippers feel wonderfully comfortable and you can wear them without socks. Due to the tanning process, a little lanolin remains in the fur, so the lambskin slippers also care for your feet immediately.

Lambskin slippers also have breathability. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture. This is transported outside, so your feet will not feel clammy in the lambskin slippers and your feet will stay nice and warm.

Sheepskin insulates. Wool bristles have many small bends (about 20 bends per cm, also called frizz), so that the air is retained well. This air layer is an important factor when it comes to insulation, but it is also essential for removing moisture. This way your feet stay comfortably warm without feeling clammy. The sheepskin slippers retain heat well due to their high insulation value. The slippers keep your feet warm in the winter and the wool provides ventilation in the summer. So you get wonderfully warm feet with sheepskin slippers.

Do lambskin slippers also have disadvantages?

Lambskin slippers also have some disadvantages. For example, lambskin is more vulnerable than leather, so it is possible that the slipper will develop wear marks if the right size is not chosen. While normal shoes are usually made of cowhide leather, our slippers are made of sheep leather. This makes slippers more vulnerable than if they were made of cowhide leather. If the slippers are purchased too small, pressure points may arise, causing the leather to wear out or tear more quickly. The effect of a sheepskin slipper is optimal if the slipper is not too tight, as you can imagine, if the fur is too a lot has been pressed because the slipper is too tight, hindering its insulating and moisture-wicking properties. It is precisely the small layer of air in the frizzy wool that provides the desired effect with these sheepskin slippers. It is therefore important that you choose the right size. This also improves wearing comfort. Slippers in the right size will last longer.

In addition, the price of a pair of lambskin slippers can be a disadvantage. These slippers last longer than a pair of synthetic slippers, but will last much longer when properly cared for.

Benefits of sheepskin

Sheepskin has the same benefits as lambskin. In principle it is the same product, only lambskin is made from wool from a sheep that has never been sheared before.

Sheepskin is insulating, breathable and comfortable. This keeps your feet nice and warm.

Texelana sheepskin slippers are available in different models. For example, there are high sheepskin slippers in a boot model . Various low models that may or may not have a fur edge of sheepskin at the top. And handy slip-on shoes that you can easily put on and take off. Especially for people who find it difficult to get into their slippers, we have slippers with a Velcro closure.

Buy lambskin slippers at Texelana

Texelana is known for its wonderfully warm lambskin slippers and wide range of wool products. The company is located on Texel with 3 stores (in Den Burg, De Koog and Oudeschild) and also has a webshop, from which products are sent throughout the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France.

At Texelana we have consciously opted for sustainability, respect for nature and the use of high-quality wool products. Wool has a fine and durable character. It is a residual product of sheep and can be used for many purposes. From woolen clothing to warm slippers, but the lanolin from the fur is also used for our care line. The versatility of this beautiful product fits perfectly with Texelana's mission.

At Texelana we understand the importance of sustainability, both for the environment and when it comes to animal welfare. We strive to ensure that all our wool comes from sheep that are kept and cared for in an animal-friendly manner.

Our collection includes a wide range of wool products that provide comfort and warmth in every season. From luxurious wool blankets and pillows to soft wool sweaters and cardigans, we have something for everyone. We also offer a selection of slippers made of sheepskin, wool felt or boiled wool, which ensure wonderfully warm feet, even on the coldest days.

Are you looking for a pair of wonderfully warm sheepskin or lambskin slippers? Then take a look at one of our stores on Texel or visit our website.