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Glerups slippers & slippers

Glerups is a Scandinavian company that produces slippers and indoor shoes from wool felt. The first pair of felt boots was made in 1993 by Nanny Glerup. With her enthusiasm she infected her family and friends and soon a small-scale production was set in motion. At first the wool was felted by hand, later with a machine to work faster. The company buys sheep's wool exclusively from specially selected New Zealand sheep farmers with relatively small herds. Glerups wants to make a product that is as pure as possible and that is why only natural dyes are used to dye the wool. In addition, the sole is made of natural rubber and the Glerups with leather sole is made of soft leather that has been tanned naturally. The unique and simple models ensure that the use of materials is minimal.

What are the slippers made of?

All Glerups slippers and slippers are made from 100% natural wool. Wool is used for this that comes from Gotland fur sheep. First, the wool is treated with soap and water, creating strong needle felt. The strong fabric is then cut and a kind of socks are sewn from it. Now the slippers still have to get their right shape. A second steam felting process ensures the correct fit. Wool is an excellent raw material for slippers because of its special properties. It retains heat well but is also moisture-regulating. The Glerups slippers are best worn with bare feet so that the quality of the wool comes into its own.

Soles of leather or rubber

When choosing the right Glerups slippers, it is important that you ask yourself what you are going to use the slippers for. Do you only want to wear them indoors or also around the house? Are you looking for loafers that are easy to put on or a higher model for extra warmth? In any case, you are assured of optimal wearing comfort, whichever model you choose. The Glerups indoor boot has a cowhide leather sole and a sturdy felt footbed. Ideal for indoors! With the Glerups slipper you can easily walk to the shed. This model has a sturdy felt footbed, has a rubber profile sole and is therefore good to use on a damp surface.

Glerups slippers & slippers are unique

Felt slippers come in various designs and from different brands, but they are not all the same. Glerups slippers are distinguished by a number of unique features:

  1. Hot. Wool provides a cozy warm feeling.
  2. Practical. Easily step into the slipper model and the notch makes it easy to put on the indoor boots.
  3. Indoor and outdoor use. Feel free to walk outside with the Glerups with rubber sole.
  4. Varied sizes. Models are available for women with small feet