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What is WandelWol?

WandelWol originated in the foot care practice of Nanda van Spijker, where care for the feet is high on the priority list of body care. Anti-pressure wool was applied to clients with foot complaints. The wool of WandelWol is an anti-pressure product and consists of 100% sheep's wool, without chemical additives. This makes it a completely unprocessed product and it is biodegradable. Wool is naturally soft and contains lanolin (wool fat) which gives you the feeling of walking on clouds. Moisture is also absorbed, perspiration is removed and it ventilates well. This softens blisters and helps prevent new blisters from forming. In addition to the fact that it relieves pressure, it is a preservation for your toenails and feet.

When is it used?

Sheep's wool for feet can provide relief in various situations. It is good to know that the anti-pressure wool is not a medicine, it works preventively and for relief. The wool is mainly used for:

  • blisters ; existing or emerging, provided the skin is still intact.
  • corns ; for defecation.
  • A burning sensation under the ball of the foot.
  • Pressure sores that feel painful . For example, between or under the toes, or under the ball of the foot.
  • heel spur ; for defecation.
  • Complaints to the heel or heel.
  • Bump nails from sports.
  • Chilblains . Wool keeps the toes pleasantly warm, which will reduce complaints.

The power of WandelWol

Prevention of foot complaints is of course better than cure. WandelWol offers a solution in both cases. The wool is widely used by pedicures and for good reason. The natural product works; relieving, preventive, soothing and supportive. The lanolin helps the skin's regenerative capacity. Also, the wool does not adhere to the sock, so it stays in the right place.

Buy WandelWol for every moment

Are you going for a (long) walk, do you often exercise or do you have an active profession? Healthy feet are important to be able to move comfortably. After all, your feet have to endure a lot. Therefore, allow yourself pleasant comfort by choosing the products of WandelWol. The anti-pressure wool provides support when you need it. It is a great product to help prevent foot complaints as well as to relieve complaints such as blisters, pressure points and corns. This way you leave the door well prepared, or you can continue your daily activities painlessly. Good to know: at Texelana you can order WandelWol in different quantities.