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Texelana - Yara | children's sheepskin slippers

Texelana - Yara | children's sheepskin slippers

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Baby and children's sheepskin slipper with rubber sole.

  • Children's slipper in the shape of a small boot.
  • Equipped with handy Velcro closure.
  • The slipper is made of genuine sheepskin; the soft fur on the inside, the supple suede on the outside.
  • Equipped with rubber sole.
  • Available colours: pink, blue and brown.
  • For the first steps in and around the house.

Maintenance tip

To preserve your sheepskin slippers, we recommend spraying them with a protective spray (no mousse) before the first use - and then regularly. This protects the product against water and dirt. We recommend the Collonil Active Universal protector for this. Please note: sheepskin products cannot be washed!

Size chart (guideline)


Shoe size

9-12 months

19 - 21

1 year

19 – 21

1.5 years

22 – 24

2 years

22 – 24

3 years

25 – 27

4 years

25 – 27

5 years

28 - 30

The big advantage of slippers, made of natural materials such as sheepskin, is that you get wonderfully warm feet. Sheep's wool is moisture-regulating and breathable and has the natural property that it can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet or clammy. You can wear sheepskin slippers with bare feet. After tanning, a little wool fat (lanolin) remains in the wool, which means that the sheepskin also cares for your feet.


All our fur products are made of sheepskin/leather. Characteristic of sheep leather is the supple and soft structure. This makes it ideal for our comfortable slippers, gloves and mittens.

To choose the right size, we recommend that you do not buy the slippers too small. To obtain an optimal effect of the fur product, it is important that there is sufficient space to create a layer of air between the skin and the coat. As a result, perspiration moisture can be better deposited into the environment and you have a warm and dry feeling.

Sheep leather is more fragile than cow leather. If the products are bought too small, pressure points can arise, causing the leather to wear out or tear or - in the case of the gloves - the seams to come loose. It is therefore very important that you choose the right size.

In summary:
To have a long life and optimal operation, the correct size is of great importance. If an item feels too small or too tight after receipt, we recommend returning it and exchanging it for a larger size.


Since Texelana has no production capacity on Texel, all our sheepskin products are made by small-scale sewing workshops in Europe. Of course according to the EU guidelines.