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Walking Wool - anti-pressure wool | wool for your shoes

Walking Wool - anti-pressure wool | wool for your shoes

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Wandelwol® anti-pressure wool: wool for the feet.

Wonderfully soft wool, especially for your shoes. With the anti-pressure wool you walk on clouds, as it were. Ideal for people who walk or stand a lot!

What is anti-pressure wool?

WandelWol® anti-pressure wool consists of a hybrid blend of 100% super soft and mildly cleaned sheep's wool, without chemical additives or treatments. The wool is soft and contains lanolin (wool fat). The wool can be worn in your shoes and helps prevent sore feet and blisters.

The anti-pressure wool absorbs perspiration and ventilates at the same time. The wool softens blisters and prevents blisters from forming. Has a pressure-relieving effect and is also caring for toenails and feet. WandelWol® anti-pressure wool is a natural product and is completely biodegradable.

  • 100% wool
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Has a pressure-relieving and skin-repairing effect
  • Reusable
  • Provides relief for many foot complaints (corns, blisters, heel spurs, painful calluses, fissures, warts, winter feet, etc…)
  • Also nice for irritations from plaster (for a wrist fracture, for example), glasses leg, nickel allergy button or belt, bra strap, etc ...

100% Dutch product.




For whom?

Walking Wool® anti-pressure wool is suitable for walkers, athletes, shoppers and people with little fat pad under the foot. For cold feet, foot position deviations, painful corns between or around the toes, chilblains, heel spurs, a burning sensation under the ball of the foot and also to prevent trauma nails during sports or long-distance walks.


The anti-pressure wool can provide relief for winter toes and heel spurs. The product does not have a healing effect, but keeps the heat on the affected toes and relieves the pressure pain when walking.

Healing effect

Sheep's wool naturally contains a soft and nourishing layer of lanolin, also known as wool fat. This keeps your feet soft and supple. In addition, the skin of damp feet can become soft due to walking or exercising. This makes the skin more fragile and more prone to blisters. Sheep's wool is airy, absorbs perspiration and ventilates well. This way moisture does not get a hold on your feet. Already formed blisters are softened by the wool and at the same time it helps prevent new blisters from forming. It also has a soothing effect on corns, heel spurs, stump nails, chilblains and annoying pressure points.




How do I use wool for the feet?

You can distribute the wool around your toes and forefeet. Then you put your socks over it and step into your shoes. Walking Wool® can be used in all your shoes: pumps, ballerinas, walking shoes, boots, etc.